Promoting Health Among Teens (PHAT)

The primary objective of the PHAT program is to provide an after school state abstinence program.

Description: School, community and faith-based abstinence curriculum education classes for youth. This motivational abstinence-education program focuses exclusively on:

  • Teaching the social psychological, and health gains realized by abstaining from sexual activity outside of marriage and as an expected standard for all school-age children.
  • Abstinence as the only certain way to avoid out-of-wedlock pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases.
  • The benefit of mutually faithful, monogamous relationships within the context of marriage and the psychological and physical harm that can be caused when sexually active outside of marriage.
  • The truth about childbirth and child-rearing outside of marriage, by youth, and the harm it causes to the child, parents and society in general.
    • Incorporates classroom instruction, small group discussions, practical training, community forums, teen activities, summits/conferences, and/or referral services for youth and parents when needed.
    • Topics cover relationships and dating, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship, and life and refusal/resistance skills.

PHAT utilizes an evidence-based community saturation model with a proven success rate which includes:

  • School, community and faith-based abstinence curriculum education classes;
  • Youth development alternative activities with out-of-school programs;
  • Abstinence education workshops for adults;
  • Life skills classes;
  • Entrepreneurship classes; and
  • Integration with the 40 Developmental Assets paradigm.