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Drug Prevention Resources is the oldest prevention organization in Texas, celebrating its 76th year of service. The organization was initiated by pioneers in prevention who implemented what are still some of the most successful prevention approaches today—individual education, capacity building, and environmental change.

Mission: Drug Prevention Resources, Inc. (DPRI) is dedicated to preventing youth substance abuse through innovative delivery of evidence-based strategies that empower youth, families, and communities to flourish within their environment.

Keepin’ It REAL

Keepin’ It REAL teaches youth ages 10 to 17 how to say no to substance use through practical, easy-to-remember and use strategies that are embodied in the acronym REAL (Refuse, Explain, Avoid, Leave).

Using REAL strategies, students learn how to recognize risk, value their perceptions and feelings, and embrace their cultural values (e.g., avoiding confrontation and conflict in favor of maintaining relationships and respect) and make choices that support them. The Keepin’ It REAL curriculum includes five videos that demonstrate how students can use REAL strategies to resist drug use in real-life situations.

Keepin’ It REAL is an evidence-based program recognized by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration. It is offered after school at area Boys and Girls Clubs, housing authorities and schools.
How has the Texas Healthy Adolescent Initiative (THAI) impacted your work in the community?
THAI has impacted Drug Prevention Resources, Inc. by enhancing the work of our organization in several ways.  DPRI participated in the THAI Summit which has positively impacted the youth we serve.  Furthermore, our participation in the Summit raised our profile in Tarrant County as we have received more inquiries for drug prevention services.  Our staff has also received excellent and relevant training from THAI.

How is your organization utilizing the 40 Developmental Assets in your work?
DPRI utilizes the 40 Developmental Assets in all of our programs.  in our drug prevention programs and community coalitions, we incorporate the assets that are the building blocks for healthy youth development.

How have the Professional Trainings offered through THAI impacted your organization and the youth you serve?
Our staff has attended the “Funding Your Youth Development Program” and the training has given us tools and skills to develop and finance our youth drug prevention programs.

What services does your organization provide?
DPRI provides substance abuse services to their clients.


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