the FIVE ACTION Strategies

The Five Action Strategies for Transforming Communities and Society:  Creating a World Where All Young People Are Valued and Thrive

1. Engage Adults – Engage adults from all walks of life to develop sustained, strength-building relationships with children and adolescents, both within families and in neighborhoods.

2. Mobilize Young People – Mobilize young people to use their power as asset builders and change agents.

3. Active Sectors – Activate all sectors of the community – such as schools, congregations, youth, businesses, human services, and health-care organizations-to create an asset-building culture and to contribute fully to young people’s healthy development.

4. Invigorate Programs – Invigorate, expand, and enhance programs to become more asset rich and to be available to and accessed by all children and youth.

5. Influence Civic Decisions – Influence decision makers and opinion leaders to leverage financial, media, and policy resources in support of this positive transformation of communities and society..