About Seasons of Change

Organized in 2009, Seasons of Change, Inc. is a community based, grass roots organization with the philosophy of  ”Impacting our community from the Inside-Out.”  After its initial inception, Seasons of Change overwhelming soon found that adolescent pregnancy, STD/STI, gang violence, and truancy were problems in Dallas and Tarrant counties, and implemented the Community Changers Project from lessons learned, best practices and successes of other youth serving organizations.

Promoting improvement on overall health and well-being of adolescents age 10-18 years, the Community Changers program activities are designed to provide intervention in welfare reform, career planning, and character and leadership development. Hindering engagement in sexual activity, such programs via preparation in self-sufficiency are promoting healthy and long lasting marriage.

Over the course of six years Seasons of Change has partnered with over 50 organizations, educated ninety-one (91) community and faith-based organizations ,  taught 10,600 unduplicated adolescents ages 10-18 , and taught 1,738 parents in curriculum based classes.    Additionally other associate relationships (e.g. teachers, health-care providers and youth leaders) who care for adolescent have participated in Community Changers program activities. Such positive youth development activities also allowed Seasons of Change to educate approximately 5,647 adolescents and parents. Other adults attended community rallies and the annual summits with a message that combated teen pregnancy, truancy crime and other risk behaviors.

This impressive outcome exceeded the projected increase in program participants by 15% and is largely attributed to Community Changers collaborative partnerships and the media marketing campaign, word-of-mouth and the programs from school administrators, parents and adolescents..